Reforma AgrÃria: A Conquista de Novos TerritÃrios: O Caso do Assentamento Tiracanga Logradouro â Canindà - Cearà / Agrarian Reform: The Conquest of the New Territories: The Case of the settlement Tiracanga Sidewalk - Canindà - CearÃ


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The Tiracanga Logradouro Settlement, located in the Canindà municipality, was created in 1989. The conquest of this territory parcel took place due to the fighting and resistance of peasants. The research goal of this work is to analyze the settlerâs territoriality process and how this territoriality is expressed in a settlement like the Tiracanga Logradouro, which is fragmented in CearÃÂs semiarid. The materialization of this study was based on on-field studies and the dialogues with peasant settlers, seeking to record the widest variety of aspects related to the peasantâs origins, their fight for land, their organizational situation and land use. For this purpose, participation in meetings with associations and groups of peasants was programmed and interviews with some of them in their residences, as well as with some peasant leaders were organized. Throughout the text, we search to overcome the division between formal and informal knowledge with regards to the speech of researched individuals. Bibliographic research on the subject was elaborated through books, theses, dissertations and the collection of data at the INCRA. The study revealed the organizational and settlement use strategies practiced by the peasants, including discussions on the use of their land parcel, in which agreements and disagreements amongst settlers appeared with regards to the adoption of this land exploitation model. It was concluded that families articulate the use of their land parcel based on familiar unit and the family nucleus and regain collective use as a strategy for family unit reproduction


geografia assentamento tiracanga logradouro territorialidade parcelamento modelo misto unidade familiar tiracanga logradouro settlement territoriality parceling mixed model family unit reforma agrÃria assentamentos humanos territorialidade

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