Reflexões sobre o processo de envelhecimento nos homossexuais masculinos




This study intends to analyse and reflect the aging process among masculine homossexuals. Regarding the concern about the demographic increase of aged people, and realizing already the search from the government and society for quality of life of this group of the population, there is a social movement of studies and directioned programs for this individuals, constituted by reports, discussions and literature involving this theme. Many of them refer to heterossexual men and women and try to understand the meanings and feelings of an aging body, the affective emotional ties in this phase of life and the expectations about the aging process. In the other hand, it is important to stress that the aging process also supposes to cope with taboos and prejudices in the western world. Nowadays one can observe that the homossexuals are slowly coming out, based in their courage, by confronting, by accepting themselves and by the ousady in assuming such position in the society through manifests, parades, laws, where they demand the right for freedom and dignity, once they have been for a long time discriminated and excluded. Understanding the aging process within the differences that the sexual identity brings to their lives, undestanding the affectivity, the choices of profession, is to search a better aging. This study is a research made with twelve males among eighteen and fourty-six years old, that agreeded to take part of after a divulgation of the questions and answers to well-known people, via e-mail. Data were collected within two weeks. Through the results of this research, one tried to realize the meanings and feelings in relation to aging process of homossexual men, a material that will propitiate to know about the subject for possible interpretations, studies and preventive works in the future


outros envelhecimento prejudice maturity homossexual men discriminação maturidade homossexuais masculinos aging process

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