Redução de emissões de gases de efeito estufa no setor elétrico brasileiro: A experiência do Mecanismo de Desenvolvimento Limpo do Protocolo de Quioto e uma visão futura / Greenhouse gases emission reductions in the Brazilian Power sector: Kyoto Protocols Clean Development Mechanism experience and a future pathway




The present work identifies the context of the existing actions to mitigate dangerous climate change and the transition period experienced by the Brazilian power sector. In order to use the potential synergy identified three contributions are made: a methodology to calculate baseline emission factor for grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources, an evaluation of the potential of the CDM to contribute to the power capacity expansion in Brazil and finally, a public policy proposal is made to convene the aims of the UNFCCC and the development of the Brazilian power sector. The estimated greenhouse gases emission factor of the Brazilian power sector is relatively small; nevertheless build margin emission factor will not necessarily stay small. While showing the evolution of the methodologies used to calculate the baseline emission factor in the power sector, a new proposal for the calculation of the build margin emissions factor base in the results of the recent new energy auctions arises, indicating a noteworthy emission reduction potential. In order to test the influence of the proposed baseline emission factor calculation a model is developed to simulate the power sector expansion. The model is then identified with the data of the new energy auction of the last years. The results of the simulations show that the actual conditions of the CDM market already have the capacity to modify the recent trend of new additions. Finally, it is suggested the consideration of the CDM benefits in the public auctions towards the addition of renewable energy based power generation. The potential results are the contribution to the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC - greenhouse gases emission reductions - and the assistance to sustainable development in Brazil with an increased share of renewable energy base power generation.


mecanismo de desenvolvimento limpo do protocolo de quioto brazilian power sector redução de emissões de gases de efeito estufa kyoto protocols clean development mechanism setor elétrico brasileiro greenhouse gases emission reductions

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