Rede do conhecimento digital : habilidades e competências dos gestores de escolas do estado de São Paulo, através do gerenciamento da rede de Bibliotecas Escolares Digitais (BEDnet) - um estudo exploratório / Digital network of knowledge: skills and competencies managers of schools in the state of São Paulo, through the management of the network of School Libraries Digital (BEDnet) - an exploratory study




This descriptive and analytical study, focusing on an exploratory research, analyses the perceptions of managers, through the views of 04 (four) public and municipal elementary and middle schools directors and vice directors, on issues related to the administration, skills and competencies to operate the network BEDnet in their schools. The main objective of this study is, starting from the individuals perceptions investigated, to understand the sense of collective work in face of the skills presented and the meaning for public and municipal elementary and middle schools to join the BEDnet through the informational competence. The procedures for data collection were: interviews, based on a previous plan of performance indicators, emphasizing the living experience of each subject searched as manager, and also, applying a half-structured questionnaire of affirmative and open answers containing 15 questions, starting from the notion of four major areas of activities (personal, professional, technological and management) related to their knowledge and network administration of BEDnet. Finally, these procedures led us to identify the skills and informational competence of managers, as receivers and disseminators of knowledge in the integration and sharing of BEDnet portal. Finally, the research does not end here, it represents a first step in a broader study, which methodology could be extended and applied in public schools, poor of school libraries. The sharing of the librarians’ technical and theoretical knowledge, teachers and students, demonstrate that it is possible to implement a social project necessary to complement the education today.


bibliotecas escolares - redes sociedade da informação schools libraries – network; digital schools libraries; internet in the education; network of knowledge; information society internet na educação bibliotecas escolares digitiais rede do conhecimento

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