Recursos metadiscursivos de interaÃÃo em sequÃncia narrativa / Metadiscourse features of interaction in narrative sequence


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Most of the studies on the interaction type of metadiscursive resources have investigated the academic-discourse related genres. Based upon the assumption that the metadiscursive phenomenon is present in any text, we carried out an investigation aimed at studying the realization of the interaction type of metadiscursive resources in narrative sequenced texts under the viewpoint of the engagement and stance macro-categories. In order to achieve this objective, we resorted, theoretically speaking, to Hyland (2005) for the concept of metadiscourse and his classification of the macro-categories and to Adam (2008) for the micro-units that make up the compositional organization of a text that is mostly narrative sequenced. We also briefly discussed the occurrences of the referential processes of anaphora, referential introduction, as well as deixis as they conflate with the interaction type of metadiscursive resources. The corpus is composed of 16 texts with a dominant narrative sequence. We found that the interaction type of metadiscursive resources occur recurrently in such texts. This led us to the conclusion that the metadiscourse phenomenon is also present in narrative texts by way of the macro-categories of engagement and stance in a very peculiar manner. It was observed that the analyzed macro-categories may conflate.


linguistica recursos metadiscursivos interaÃÃo sequÃncia narrativa metadiscursive resources interaction narrative sequence anÃlise do discurso narrativo anÃlise de interaÃÃo em educaÃÃo

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