Reconectando a sociabilidade on-line e off-line




Reconnecting on-line and off-line sociability: trajectories, group formation and power in geographic channels of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) This research analyze the power exercises on cyberspace, deepen specific bibliography. The cyberspace here is thought as formed by many sociability spaces inhabited by people of many different cultures. The fieldwork was performed on one of these spaces, the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and on particular site within it, the “geographic channels” (that is, channels with references to geographic places). The social life on a geographic channel was accompanied for almost one year, and its history was recovered through newspaper reports and some interviews with founders users. The power was analyzed trough examine user’s group formation and their hierarchic positions in channel. To perceive whose metaphor is dominant in channel, which brings world together, and hold them there (Star, 1996) it was considered the multiple membership of users and groups, that were contextualized in a broad social reality. This way, the perspective here innovate, if compared to the whole set of specific bibliography of Communication Mediated by Computer, for looking to articulate on-line and off-line users experiences, researching some sociologic aspects to find grouping patterns and researching the off-line collective meetings (IRContros). In the same way, it was tried to integrate human and non-human factors involved in interaction.


sociologia tecnologia internet (redes de computação). sociabilidade poder (ciencias sociais)

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