Real-time premature ventricular contractions detection based on Redundant Discrete Wavelet Transform


Res. Biomed. Eng.




Abstract Introduction Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC) is among the most common types of ventricular cardiac arrhythmia. However, it only poses danger if the person suffers from a heart disease, such as heart failure. Hence, this is an important factor to consider in heart disease people. This paper presents an ECG real-time analysis system for PVC detection. Methods This system is based on threshold adaptive methods and Redundant Discrete Wavelet Transform (RDWT), with a real-time approach. This analysis is based on wavelet coefficients energy for PVC detection. It is presented also a study to find the most indicated wavelet mother for ECG analysis application among the following wavelet families: Daubechies, Coiflets and Symlets. The system detection performance was validated on the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database. Results The best results were verified with db2 wavelet mother: the Sensitivity Se = 99.18%, Positive Predictive Value P+ = 99.15% and Specificity Sp = 99.94%, on 80.872 annotated beats, and 61.2 s processing speed for a half-hour record. Conclusion The proposed system exhibits reliable PVC detection, with real-time approach, and a simple algorithmic structure that can be implemented in many platforms.

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