Raciocínio pictórico: campos de cor no espaço


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The object of this dissertation research involves the design, construction and theoretical analysis of color fields in a three dimensional space, developed through a pictorial reasoning. The starting point for the creation of these work pieces is the appropriation of common objects of everyday use. To address this, I will use Arthur Dantos concept of transfiguration, in that these materials have their ordinary function subtracted by operating as a raw material in the construction of these chromatic structures, as they work temporarily as color modules. At the end of the exhibition, having the work been dismantled, these same objects can be placed back into the world and return to their ordinary functions. One can then say that there is a transitory estate, which tracks the reasoning of these propositions. This study aims at reflecting upon apart of the artistic production I have developed since 2008, which includes five series of works: Painting, Seeding, Chrome, Color-matter and Plastic. I treat them as paintings in na expanded territory, whose approach will be based on the concept of the expanded field proposed by Rosalind Krauss. Josef Albers and Israel Pedrosa will be important references to speak of the different ways in which these colors behave in the architectural space, under natural and artificial lighting, among other things. Richard Wollheim is a reference to discuss aspects of how a painting should be made in order to be considered art: brand, surface, edge, intent, and other aspects to analyze painting as an intentional act. I will also present a sequence of images to build a visual text and expose both the process of elaboration of the works and their implementation in different spaces, revealing the concept first developed in the studio and the specifics that the propositions have acquired in each place they were installed


campos de cor espaço apropriação e transitoriedade cor na arte pintura técnica artes plásticas artes fields of color space appropriation transience

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