Quality of ‘Oso Grande’ strawberries is affected by O2, CO2 and N2O concentrations during controlled atmosphere storage






ABSTRACT Consumers around the world appreciate strawberries for their taste. They have low calories and high concentrations of soluble fibers, vitamin C and flavonoids. This paper verified the combined effect of O2, CO2, and N2O levels on ‘Oso Grande’ strawberries stored at 10° C, under controlled atmosphere (CA). Five different gas mixtures were used: 0.03 kPa CO2 + 20 kPa O2, 80 kPa N2O + 20 kPa O2, 90 kPa O2 + 10 kPa N2, 60 kPa O2 +40 kPa CO2, and 20 kPa O2 + 20 kPa CO2 + 60 kPa N2O. The lowest incidence of postharvest decay was observed with treatment20 kPa O2 + 20 kPa CO2 + 60 kPa N2O, followed by 80 kPa N2O +20 kPa O2 and 90 kPa O2 + 10 kPa N2. The treatment 60 kPa O2 + 40 kPa CO2 induced an increase in the production of acetaldehyde and ethanol, and these levels were considered inadequate for human consumption. The first factor, named senescence, displayed a positive correlation with soluble solids, luminosity, hue angle, firmness and incidence of decay. hpsThe second factor, named CA-induced injury, showedhps that total acidity correlated negatively with ethanol and acetaldehyde levels. Hiehpsrarchical cluster analysis indicated that strawberries stored underhps80 kPa N2O + 20 kPa O2hps for 14hps hpsdays more closely resembled the quality of fresh fruit at the moment of harvesthps. ‘Oso Grande’ strawberries stored at 10 ºC under 80 kPa N2O + 20 kPa O2 and 90 kPa O2 +10 kPa N2 were in better conditions, with no metabolic alterations, showing that these are the ideal storage conditions.

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