Quality evaluation post-harvest of banana "Prata-Anã"associated to packing / Avaliação da qualidade pos-colheita de banana prata anã associada a embalagens




The transformations, occurring in the constitution of banana during the ripening, are factors of great importance to the fresh fruit market and for the industry. Relating to the quality of the fruit, the major problem of Brazilian culture of bananas is the management of the product since the harvest passing by transport, packing, and refrigeration. The other observed aspect is that the commerce of banana is highly affected by the bad visual aspects of the fruits and inadequate packing. These practices reveal in considerable losses during the process of commercialization, follow by low prices paid to the producers. Inside of this context, this research has, as major objective, the evaluation of post-harvest quality of banana fruits, variety Prata Anã. Experiments were done to evaluate the quality variation, appearance, and coloring, until the fruits were inappropriate for consumption, using physical-chemical and sensorial analysis, by comparing cold storage at 13oC and maintenance of the products at natural environment with no temperature control. The fruits of banana during the experiments were packed in three different packing (wood box type ?torito? with capacity for 18kg and cardboard wrapper, wood box type ?½ caixa?, with capacity for 13kg and cardboard, and cardboard box with capacity for 18kg). Physical or mechanical damages were, also, evaluated, during the transport of the fruits from the packing house to the distribution center, and after acclimatization. It was observed that the fruits already showed a lot of physical damages before the stage of transport and acclimatization, due to the phases of cultivation, harvest, and transport from the field to the packing house. By the results, it conclude that the phases of packing and transport form the packing house to the distribution center did not cause bigger physical damage to the banana-peel, since the evaluated index showed the same level at the three different packing. Keeping the fruits at refrigerated environment increased the life storage in five days, showing slow ripening, but continued. This fact was verified through physical-chemical and sensorial analysis. The packing used didn?t present difference in the conservation of the fruits, as much in the indicatives attributes of maturation and also in the increase of physical damages. For the physical damages these are caused, basically, of the previous processes to the arrival in the commercialization point (harvest, picking and transportation). So, these packing can be used as an alternative of protection, in the case of the wrap to the wood box. These packing when associated to refrigeration (13C) it increases the longevity of the product. The opening area was also essential to the refrigeration.. There are a lot aspects to be studied about fruits post-harvest, majorly about bananas, since it is a very perishable fruit and its is still of very poorer quality


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