Qualidade na prestação de serviços em telecomunicações : proposta de modelo de gestão para uma Clearing House




The occured explosion of growth and changes in the last years in the Brazilian telecommunications sector had demanded the evolution of the support services as an essential factor to the attendance of the new necessities of the telecommunication service providers. Among them they are the clearing services. The providing of clearing services is one of the consequences of the telecommuncation sector privatization and globalization process. It appeared in Brazil in the end of 1999 with the end of the Embratel monopoly. With the opening of the market, some companies had revealed the interest for the installment of these services, attracted by the great volume of data to be treated that are directly related to the yield of the business The clearing services is based on a technology that is capable to process a great volume of data with security, quality in almost real time. Given this importance, it is natural that the focus of this type of organization is in the operational and technical aspects. However, as in any business, the definition of a management plan to guide the implantation and the sustentation of a company, from a strategy directed to the services, is essential for its survival in a competitive market. This study intends to define a proposal of a management plan for a Clearing House, based on the concepts and classic models of Services Quality Management and on the current necessities of the telecommunications market


gestão de negocios tecnologia - serviços de informação industria de serviços financeiros

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