QTL mapping to anthracnose leaf blight resistance in tropical maize


Crop Breed. Appl. Biotechnol.




Abstract The objectives were to map genomic regions associated with quantitative trait loci (QTL) to anthracnose leaf blight (ALB) in tropical maize, and to determine the effects of the loci on resistance to the pathogenic fungus Colletotrichum graminicola (Ces.). QTL analysis to ALB was carried out in a population of F2:3 progenies resulting from the cross between the contrasting lines LR 04-2 and LS 95-1. Seventeen QTL were located by mapping analysis by composite interval on eight chromosomes. Four QTL mapped on chromosomes 9 (1 QTL) and 10 (3 QTL) were the most stable, detected in at least two experiments, and represented the most part of the phenotypic variation (27.7 to 54.3%) of resistance. The majority of QTL mapped were associated to specific severity evaluations/development stage of maize growth, and may explain the quantitative inheritance of resistance of tropical maize to ALB.

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