¿Puede el cine darnos qué pensar? Wong Kar-Wai y la poética del des-encuentro






Abstract: Is it possible for the cinema to philosophize? Can the moving image work as a means for philosophy to operate under a different expressive language? This article discusses the ability of certain cinemas (especially modern cinema) to do philosophy on the big screen. It describes the theoretical approaches that argue for a philosophical cinema capable of offering concepts through the expressive dimension of moving images. This process takes place within the poetic work that an auteur’s cinema offers which, because of its distance from the general tone of classical cinema, implies a critique of metaphysics from within the territory of the seventh art. The article analyzes part of the early work of the director Wong Kar-Wai’s and his unique poetics of dis-encounter (an expression we have coined to characterize the work of the Hong Kong filmmaker). Through his work on the margins of modern cinema, it is possible to show how the seventh art can offer us something to think about.

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