Public Policies to Be Implemented to Encourage the Use of Renewable Energy Sources in the Rural Area of Paraná


Braz. arch. biol. technol.




Abstract Around the world there’s a rising interest in the installation of renewable energy sources due to their ecological, economical, political and social advantages. In this article is studied specifically the case of the incentive towards the installation of these sources in the state of Parana’s rural area, where they wouldn’t just be ecologically interesting, but also would help the improvement on the living conditions of the rural producers, promote income distribution and would cause an increase on the power supply, this way reducing the tariff. However, the problem arises in the acquisition of the energy generator, since even though they are interesting for the rural producers, these sources are majorly too expensive and end up being beyond their purchasing power. Based on that, this article brings a selection of public policies that could make the use of these sources viable in the rural area of the state, based on the experiences of other countries who face or have faced in the past similar difficulties, like China or India, and countries who have become reference in the matter, like Germany.

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