Psychometric properties of a Brazilian Portuguese version of the Children's Revised Impact of Event Scale (CRIES-8)


Arch. Clin. Psychiatry (São Paulo)




Abstract Background: Children and adolescents are considered a population at risk for developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a traumatic event. The Children's Revised Impact Scale (CRIES-8) is a self-report scale with 8 items that investigates avoidance and intrusion behaviors related to posttraumatic stress symptoms. Objective: The study consisted of translation and transcultural adaptation of CRIES-8 to Brazilian Portuguese and evaluation of its psychometric properties. Methods: A sample of 235 Brazilian children and adolescents exposed to natural hazards (drought or flood) and non-exposed children participated in the study. The methodological procedure for translation and cultural adaptation were in accordance with the principles described by ISPOR Task Force for Translation and Cultural Adaptation. We also evaluated test reliability and validity based on test content, the relations to other variables, and internal structure. Results: The procedures lead to a final Portuguese version proofread and cultural-adapted. Empirical evidence supports CRIES-8's division in two latent constructs (Intrusion and Avoidance), as well convergence correlations with other measures of child mental health and high reliability. Discussion: A Brazilian-Portuguese version of CRIES-8 is an important tool for a better screening of PTSD among youth who face traumatic events, being a potential informative instrument to identify children at risk.

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