Psicologia Social desde América Latina: o desafio de uma possibilidade




The aim of this thesis is to present an understanding of some aspects that characterize the Social Latin American Psychology. This is a work of ethnographic research, developed by the methodological perspective of the Research-Action-Participator (IAP) as organized by Orlando Fals-Borda. The critical and propositive fundaments of the Latin American humanist thoughts are, contrary to the established truths in the condition of dogmas, creator of conformity and reducer of the human beings possibilities present in the theoretical-political proposals in the work of Orlando Fals-Borda, Ignácio Martin- Baró, Silvia Lane e Paulo Freire they form the basis on which the field work was understood. The uniqueness of the Latin American Social Psychology is formed by the rupture with the positivist epistemological tradition; for a clear and explicit involvement of social psychologists with the marginalized people; in search of producing knowledge in psychology, able to surpass the non-critical perspective, and so, take on the declared class position. The conclusion of this study indicates that there are still many challenges remaining regarding the development of Latin American social psychology, with emphasis on: the need for a systematic network of contact and interaction among Latin American psychologists who develop theoretical and methodological innovative actions; the urgency to create a network of the studies of the history of psychology in order to create methodologies that can systematize and socialize critically what psychologists and researchers are doing in Latin America; development of didactic material and pedagogical strategies that allow the teaching of Psychology - in particular, the teaching of the History of Psychology and Social Psychology - from a Latin American point of view


psicologia social social latin american psychology research-action-participator psicologia social latinoamericana investigação-açao-participante

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