Protease prospecion and determination of its isoenzymes activity in cocoa cultivars (Theobroma cacao L.)


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Our objective was to characterize the protease enzymatic activity and its isoenzymes on cacao cultivars PH 16 and TSH 1188, produced in southern Bahia, linking it to the conditions of the fermentation process. Proteases were extracted and semi-purified, their activities determined changing substrate, pH and temperature, and the values compared with the parameters of fermentation (pH and temperature), and yet determined the kinetic parameters and the activity of its isoenzymes: aminopeptidase, carboxypeptidase and endoprotease. In the experimental conditions, differences in protease activities were shown as to different cocoa cultivars on various conditions. The albumin stands out as the preferred enzyme substrate, in a pH range between 3 and 6 and temperatures between 29 ° C and 50 ° C. As for the isoenzymes activity, an increased activity in these seeds and in the cultivar TSH 1188 was observed. When correlated with the fermentative parameters, the conditions for enzymatic activity are not the best determined, with emphasis on farming pH 16 presenting its fermentation conditions far from those found as optimal, especially in pH evaluation, since temperature varies very little between the two cultivars.

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