Propriedades mecânicas e resistência à corrosão da liga Ti-4Al-4V obtida da reciclagem da liga Ti-6Al-4V


Materials Research




The present work aimed to study the transformation from as-cast structure of the Ti4Al-4V alloy, as a result of the Ti-6Al-4V recycling, after some rapid heat treatments based on martensitic reactions. The effects on mechanical properties were evaluated by Vickers hardness measurements, Charpy and monotonic tensile tests. The corrosion strength was tested by immersion during 4 months in artificial physiological solutions, to evaluate its possible use as a biomaterial. The data pointed to: a) a reduction on corrosion strength for quenching above beta transus; b) significant increasing on hardness and mechanical strength; c) a maintenance of impact toughness; d) the corrosion strength for immersion in a NaCl 1%+ NaF 0,1% (m/m) was lower in all conditions, specially for those including heating to 900 °C.

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