Propriedades de concretos produzidos com rejeito particulado de borracha em substituição parcial do agregado miúdo / Properties of concretes containing waste vulcanized rubber scrap particles replacement of finer aggregate




This work presents results from an investigation on the potential use of waste vulcanized rubber scrap (WRS) particles as aggregate in construction concretes. The waste rubber scrap used in this study was obtained from the local rubber manufacturing industry. In the preparation of concretes, the Brazilian Standard was followed to achieve the required amounts of natural aggregate and WRS. For the study, mechanical properties along their durability of concrete produced with recycled aggregate were investigated and the results presented. While experimenting with hardened, concrete mixtures were prepared using WRS as the replacement of natural fine aggregate at the level 5%, 10% and 15 vol. % with water/cement ratios of 0.37, 0.45 and 0.55 (weight). The mixtures have been cured for periods of 7, 28 and 90 days. The properties of hardened recycled aggregate concrete were examined: 7-day, 28-day and 90-day compressive strength, water absorption and bulk density were carried out in specimens cured for 28 days. The analysis of the results has been carried out using analysis of variance (ANOVA). Such statistical analysis is discussed against microstructures of some selected samples which were studied using SEM/EDX. Bulk density of concrete was far lower than that of normal crushed aggregate. Although the use of waste vulcanized rubber scrap particles as replacement for the usual natural river sand, a specified 28-day compressive strength (28 MPa) can still be achieved at water/cement of 0.45 and replacement content of 15 vol. %. SEM/EDX analysis results shown that a discontinuity can be observed in the rubber-matrix interface indicating poor adhesion between the rubber particle and the cement paste. In the light of these findings, reusing waste vulcanized rubber scrap particles as aggregates in concrete production is not only a viable solution to the problem of inadequate concrete aggregates but also may help solving a vital environmental issue.


concretos analysis of variance resíduos de borracha microestruturas propriedades mecânicas mechanical properties análise de variância vulcanized rubber scrap microstructures ceramica concrete

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