Propostas de paineis leves de madeira para vedação externa adequados ao zoneamento bioclimatico brasileiro / Lightweight wood panels for external lining appropriate to bioclimatic zoning suitability




This research is a contribution to the design and production techniques and processes of pre-fabricated wooden lining components, with emphasis on their thermal properties and use, considering the different Brazilian climates. In this regard, the main goal is to propose projects, produce real prototypes and verify the suitability of external lightweight lining panels for the Brazilian bioclimatic zones, according to the standard NBR 15,220. The methodology was divided into three main stages: the first characterizes the five types of wooden panels, determines its thermal properties and studies the influence of the wall thickness, the volume of wood, the unventilated air chamber and the color of the external surface with relation to the wooden panels thermal properties; the second stage, demonstrates the developing steps for the executive project and the production of three proposals for lining panels using small-diameter sawed reforestation wood (= 2.50 m), low-diameter round wood (= 0.15 m), OSB boards (Oriented Strand Board) and boards of recycled materials; the third step determines the thermal properties and suitability for the Brazilian bioclimatic areas of the developed proposals. The first results summarize the characteristics of the projects and production processes and verification of the bioclimatic zoning suitability of five types of wooden lining panels. The final results exhibit the executive project, production stages, determination of the thermal properties and verification of the bioclimatic zoning suitability, according to standard NBR 15220-3


paineis de madeira climatic zonas wood wood panels madeira zonas climaticas

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