Proposta de uma sistemática para mensuração dos custos de falhas internas aplicada à indústria vinícola




One of the most important obstacles to overcome to establish and consolidate quality programs is the wrong idea that good quality, necessarily, implies high costs. Most organizations do not establish indicators that measure these costs, making equivocal decisions about the quality level to be implied in their products and services. In several contexts, still predominates the emphasis in the immediate revenue, without the consideration of money losses related to poor quality. An efficient tool to verify the improvements due to the establishment of quality programs is the measurement of the quality costs. The costs of quality must receive an attention for the professionals, essentially by informative potation to evidence opportunities of optimization of the results. Its measurement may be done through reports, which shows different types of quality costs, associated to general indicators of performance of the enterprise, bringing information of great utility to the administrator. This dissertation discusses Costs of Quality and proposes models of reports that structure the determination of the Internal Failures through the units of measurement. For the way, it was done a revision in many books about the theme, to establish surveys and analysis about the models that was disponibles in the bibliography. Such reports can be used as source of information for the manager take steps that reduce the expenses of the company with the Internal Failures and prove the results of the actions used. Then, this dissertation presents steps for construction of a project related to a proposal of a research methodology for a system to measure and reduce the quality costs related to internal failures applied in a winery. The dissertation will be presented at the Masters degree course in Production and System Engineering at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná.


gestão da qualidade total controle de custo vinícolas - controle de qualidade engenharia de producao

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