Proposta de uma plataforma de testes para o desenvolvimento de veículos autônomos / Test platform proposal for the development of autonomous vehicles


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




As electronic and computational systems technology advances, the use of path control methods in navigation systems become very important for different autonomous vehicles applications such as generating maps, avoiding obstacles and carrying out positioning tasks. In addition, controls can help increase the reliability, versatility and precision level of programmed tasks, which is exceedingly significant regarding real applications. The first aim of this work is to present the creation of an autonomous scale vehicle. We have developed a sensor system that provides information about the vehicle s position and orientation through four sensor systems such as gps, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass so that it can effectively and safely cover the right route. This project developed a software, which integrates the control and sensors systems. In addition, a control module was projected for the positioning and orientation of the vehicle. Before the robot turns to any direction, it calculates the minimal distance to the next step of the programmed coordinate, in order to change its own referenced trajectory, satisfying the orientation of the trajectory and the vehicle. For the task validation were done experiments in real life scenarios, where the vehicle follows a determined group of geo-coordinates without any human intervention, presenting results of the purposed following trajectories, validating the sensors systems and the control algorithm.


navegação de robôs móveis veículos autônomos rastreamento automático sistemas embutidos de computador sistemas de veículos auto-guiados navigation mobile robot vehicles autonomous automatic tracking systems embedded computer systems self-guided vehicles

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