Proposta de modernização em instalação industrial de moagem de escória


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This paper presents a proposal for upgrading the mill slag industrial facility in a cement plant, with technology upgrade (retrofit) of the main components of that process, focused on implementation of an automation architecture with remote operation. Currently the installation of this mill still uses the technology of the sixties and is not automated, a situation that requires manual adjustments to its operation. Besides, the plant is devoid of a system for remote monitoring of that operation. The continuation of this hazardous situation has potential to compromise safety, crippling production and increasing the level of physical and psychological stress of workers. In this context, this work proposes an automation architecture to perform supervision, control and remote operation of the facility, which is based on modern technical solution, innovation and moderate investments. The validation of the proposed system is performed by testing prototype that takes the main components of the aforementioned architecture. The good results obtained indicate that the proposal presented is feasible and appropriate for the purpose intended.


automacao eletronica de processos eletricos e industriais automation modernização fabril moagem de escória fábrica de cimento automação cement factory grinding slag modernization

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