Proposta de manual técnico de medidas preventivas e corretivas para aterros sanitários encerrados / Proposal for a Technical Manual for Prevenive and Corretive Measures for Closed Landfills




The correct solid waste management has been a challenge to most cities in Brazil that have to dispose of this waste in an environmentally correct way, trying to comply with legal demandings. The landfills are the most adequate way to dispose of urban solid waste, avoiding contamination of ground and underground water, soil and air, besides preventing disease vector proliferation. Even though there are many studies over landfill monitoring in operation, there is not in the same proportion in Brazil studies over the closure and postclosure of landfills and it is known that even after their deactivation, the waste degradation continues generating percolate liquids and cotaminating biogases, besides the movements of different nature over the landfill, which makes it necessary the follow up of this area until the waste is stabilized. The major current problems in finished sanitary landfills were listed, and from this point, the Technical Manual on Preventive and Corretive Measures for Landfill Closed. In this dissertation, five action programs concerning sanitary landfills were presented: Environmental Adequation Program, Environmental and Geothecnical Monitoring Program, Environmental Education Program, Safety Program, and Personal Training Program. With this the intention is to raise more discussions over this issue and moreover, to draw the attention to the dangers concerning the bad management of landfills after their closure.


monitoramento encerramento resíduos sólidos engenharia civil resíduos industriais aterro sanitário solid waste sanitary landfills closure monitoring

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