Proposição de um modelo para caracterização das conversões do conhecimento no processo de desenvolvimento de produtos / Proposal of an characterization model of knowledge conversion in the product development process




In this thesis, an evaluation model of knowledge management in the product development process is proposed and it is focused on the relationship among four types of knowledge conversion (which are theorically consolidated) and four integrated dimensions that form the related process. These conversions are socialization, externalization, combination and internalization, which are related to the relationship among two types of knowledge: those which are inherent to personal abilities (tacit knowledge) and those ones which are possible to verbalize and register (explicit knowledge). These conversions may occur in the strategy, organization, activities and resources, which are the dimensions that form the product development process. This relationship has been established due to the several hypothesis and the best practices presented - that are assumptions and evidences of this relationship in specific points respectively -, which were formulated based on an full bibliographical study. The group of these hypothesis and best practices forms the mentioned evaluation model, which was applied and validated in a large case study in the automotive industry, in which its practical viability and its effectiveness were demonstrated in the building a complete view about the situation in which it is possible to find the evaluation model of knowledge management in the process that was investigated. This study proposed some recommendations for the company and increased in the content of the model that was used, so that it proves the usefulness and originality of the evaluation model to the executation of the enterprise diagnostic turned to the knowledge management in the product development process.


indústria automobilística knowledge management desenvolvimento de produtos diagnóstico empresarial enterprise diagnostic automotive industry gestão do conhecimento product development

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