Proposal of a framework for product-service systems characterization






Abstract Product-service systems (PSS) design raises new issues, among which the need of encompassing a life cycle perspective. The aim of this paper is to propose a conceptual framework for PSS characterization through its life cycle. The purpose is to understand the structure, the sequence, and the main characteristics of PSS life cycle phases, characterizing a PSS process model. A systematic literature review was carried out to identify the PSS life cycle phases and the conceptual elements that characterize each phase. The PSS life cycle was structured based on service life cycle from the customer perspective. Afterwards, the conceptual framework was built for PSS characterization considering business model, engineering and design aspects that may be useful to guide PSS solutions development. The paper aims to make a theoretical contribution by understanding what should be done and how to perform the activities during PSS life cycle at a systemic level.

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