Projetos Interdisciplinares de Extensão Universitária: ações transformadoras




This dissertation contemplates projects of social matrix, developed for the University Extension, of a private University of São Paulo city that takes care of the surrounding community. On the basis of the demand profile the involved professionals in the projects choose the interdisciplinary way to learn, using some courses and discipline, directing the wisdom in the search of new knowledge. We base this work in the new Educational Theories that study: the university extension, the social projects and the interdisciplinary education. The methodology privileges the qualitative boarding, analyzing three communities that have been benefited with the social projects of University Extension of the related University, whose interdisciplinary actions still today stimulate or instigate the social transformation. The process of planning, execution, evaluation and the results incorporation had taken the participants to a creative and a multiply attitude of social practical and class action on culture transformation, making them methodologies disseminator for the accumulated experience


extensão universitária projetos projects transforming actions ações transformadoras outros university extension

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