Projetos de Ensino: contribuições para a formação de professores / Projects of teaching: contributions to the teachers formation




This research constituted an study about the Geografy teachers formation. It is vinculated line: Geografy and Educative Practices from to the Program of Post-Graduation of the Institute of Socio-Ambientals Studies of the Federal University of Goiás (IESA). It has as main objective to investigate the contribution of teaching projects to the formation of the teachers of Geografy. For this, the chosen campus to the realization of the research was the course of Licenciature in Geografy of the Estadual University of Goiás Unit University of Porangatu and the camp-schools envolved in the practice of the Supervisioned Stage. This work is of qualitative nature. It has base in the direct observation and participant and approximate of the reserch-action. The work with projects was developed in three stages. The first consisted in to prepare the students-stagers to elaboration of projects of learning, in the discipline Practice of Teaching. The second moment consisted in the efective elaboration of the projects. The third moment consisted in the execution and avaliation of this pegagogic instrument integrating teory and practice and the superation of the tradicional abordage. It was elaborated and executed four projects: Populacional Movements, realized by two groups of students, in two schools at the Porangatu City; Soil and water: use and preservation, realized also in Porangatu; Seletive collect and reciclage, realized in the city of Formoso and, Environmental ambiental and citzenship, realized in a school of Mutunópolis. The execution and the avaliation of the projects into the disciplines of Practice of Teaching and Supervisioned Stage constituted the datas to analyses of this reaserch


ensino, geografia , formação de professores, estágio, projetos teaching, geografy, teachers formation, stage, projects geografia

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