Project management and the application of earned value analysis in large projects. / Gerenciamento de projetos e a aplicação da análise de valor agregado em grandes projetos.




The growing complexity of the modern projects, the search of companies for a place in the market, the client’s satisfaction and the need for a more efficient production demand a very specific type of business management, oriented to these points. The so-called Project Management – as well as its concepts and tools, among which we can highlight the Earned Value Analysis - is being pointed as the most modern and complete way of meeting such demands. Although these are formally accepted practices and used since the beginning of last century, they have been adopted by several companies in the last years. These practices, however, are still unclear for many people, and some of the people who adopted them are still facing difficulties in their application. The purpose of this work is to compile the main characteristics and advantages of this type of management, by means of a revision of the literature and day-to-day practical observations of a Project Manager, so as to justify the increasing number of companies adopting these practices and its strategic function inside these companies. In addition to that, this work presents a deeper review on the Earned Value Analysis, evaluating the problems reported by the stakeholders and presenting some measures for its use, aiming at a better project control. To finish, the results of some of these measures applied in a real case in the Brazilian industry are presented.


engenharia e análise do valor earned value analysis administração de projetos project management gerenciamento de projetos valor agregado

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