Programa de simulação de sistemas de aquecimento Solar. / A software for simulation of solar heating systems.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This paper presents the development of a software that simulates the thermal performance of a solar water heating system with forced circulation, suitable for buildings. The implemented model computes the mass and energy balance in the thermal tank every hour. Its input data are values from a typical meteorological year of a chosen location and the hot water load. The system components are the thermal tank, the solar collector and the circulation pump. The Swera project was used as the meteorological database, which contains files in the standard TMY format. Those are available on the internet for a number of cities, including several Brazilian locations. A model for the network water supply temperature was proposed. It is related with the ground temperature, available in the data input files. The validation of the models used results obtained by the commercial simulation software TRNSYS. Results for the incident radiation on tilted surface, the solar collector and the complete system models were compared. For that, systems were simulated in four cities with different climates. The total time used in the simulations was one year and the results obtained from this comparison were satisfactory.


energia solar aquecimento solar simulação térmica engenharia medica solar energy solar heating thermal simulation

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