Profissional bibliotecário: perfil exigido pelos concursos públicos nacionais. / The librarians profile: as requested by national open competitive examinations.




This study is aimed at identifying the librarians profile as requested by national open competitive examinations by both shedding light on the features of such examinations carried out between 2005 and March 2007 and comparing the curriculum syllabus in the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) College of Librarianship with the competencies proposed by ALA/SLA. A historical evolution of the Librarianship from Documentation to Information Science is synthesized in a literature review. The theoretical, epistemological bases resort to the concepts of habitus and field, as defined by the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, to reaffirm the grounds of the Information Science by describing its trajectory along the boundaries of the Documentation and the Librarianship. The emergence of different techniques for information production, circulation and spread calls for competencies and skills not only related to the usage of technological tools, but also to the incorporation of an habitus concerning a new way of thinking, feeling and acting, a new mental frame to perceive the world, mostly by those professionals who deal directly with the information flow, from its production to its use. An exploratory and descriptive methodology was used by drawing upon the speech and the data gathered and by employing a hypothetical-deductive method in a quantitative, statistical analysis in order to diagnose the librarians profile as requested by the employing companies. The qualitative study identified the variables likely to contribute for a change in the scenery, thus providing elements so that the market may note the librarians enlarged field. This study shows that the market seeks a versatile and multi- and interdisciplinary professional, although it does not have a clear view of the librarians competencies, not knowing his/her performance potential and still seeing him/her restricted to an existing formal library. In the Information Science context, this research elicits almost infinite questions and variables, likely to be turned into potential problems, rather than being simply answered as part of this study project. The context set to support the arguments in this study reveals a multi- and interdependency between the librarian and other professionals working in the information field.


ciencia da informacao training librarian bibliotecário formação librarian competências competencies bibliotecário

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