Professores da Escola Publica de Carapicuiba : um estudo da periferia da Grande São Paulo




The study of sociological base, it tried to raise the São Paulo State School teachers profile under a set of features, namely: socio-economic-cultural conditions, intra and extra schooling participation, professional background, schooling involvement, work representation, and, consequently, how all these constituent elements influence their professional conceptions at the school setting. The research was carried out taking into consideration a sample of hundred and thirteen individuals from twenty educational establishments, distributed in the morning, afternoon and evening periods which maintained high school classes in the year of 1997; these schooling contexts are located in the city of Carapicuiba, Greater São Paulo metropolitan region. The data analysis made evident that the majority of school teachers keep a relation of work front with the schooling education. We conclude that the concept of Intelligentsia utilized by Karl Mannheim apply, partly, to the teaching staff


escolas publicas - são paulo região metropolitana de (sp) professores - são paulo região metropolitana de (sp)

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