Productivity and quality of juices from different genotypes of ‘Bordô’ grape (Vitis labrusca) in the Vale do Rio do Peixe -SC region


Rev. Ceres




ABSTRACT The present study aimed to evaluate productive characteristics and the physical, chemical and sensory quality of juices elaborated from different genotypes of the ‘Bordô’ cv. produced in the Vale do Rio Peixe-SC region, in 2016/17. The 11 clones evaluated were identified as: G03, G07, G08, G10, G12, G13, G15, G16, G17, G18 and G19. At harvest, fruit production and quality were evaluated. The mean productivity of the 11 tested genotypes was 31.2 t ha-1, with a production of 18.7 kg/plant. Genotypes G13, G16, G19 and G08 showed higher productivity in t ha-1 and kg/plant. G10 had the highest acidity. Genotypes G18 and G19 showed lower color intensity and phenolic compounds. Sensorially, genotypes G19 and G16 received lower scores for color, pleasant aroma and overall impression aspects. The 11 ‘Bordô’ genotypes evaluated showed high productivity and favorable physical, chemical and sensory characteristics for the industrialization of juices in the Vale do Rio do Peixe-SC region, with the exception of the juices of genotypes G18 and G19, which showed little color, something that may end up mischaracterizing the 'Bordô' juices.

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