Production of a novel probiotic date juice with anti-proliferative activity against Hep-2 cancer cells


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Date fruit is the ancient discovered and consumed fruit. Worldwide, Egypt is the largest producer of date. Besides its health benefits, many recent studies have proved its antioxidant, anticancer and anti-inflammatory effect. Currently, probiotic fermented fruit juices have a great attention especially for lactose intolerance patients. This study assessed the survival of two probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus and L. sakei) in the date juice. Phenolics characterization was performed by HPLC. Anti-proliferative activity of fermented juice against Caco-2 and Hep-2 cell lines was also evaluated. Under cold storage, L. sakei was still live for 2 weeks at 1.8 x 107 CFU/mL. In contrast, L. acidophilus reduced from 5.2 x 106 CFU/mL to below the minimum value of probiotic products just after 1 week. L. sakie significantly multiplied the total phenols and antioxidant activity in the juice compared to the unfermented juice. Interestingly, probiotic date juice exhibited an antitumor activity against larynx cell lines (Hep-2) with no activity against Caco-2. Date juice was proved to be suitable for probiotic and as potential larynx anticancer juice. Therefore, the developed juice is recommended to contribute to the available probiotic foodstuffs.

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