Processos intersemioticos num mito da cultura amorosa brasileira:Iracema de José de Alencar / "Intersemiotic processes in a myth of the brazilian amorous culture: "Iracema", by José de Alencar".




Departing of the Roland Barthesdefinition, according to which the myth is a language in complete ideological action, the present Doctorship Thesis pledges to elucidate the shapes of the amorous speech in a brazilian mythical narrative: "Iracema", by José de Alencar. Taken like corpus analysis the text "Iracema", it was presented and defended under the view of the semiotic, considering specifically the studies about the intersemiotic relations that establish themselves between this speech and the coutesy "voices" of Tristão e Isolda there understood.


amor na literatura vassalage mito vassalagem amorous communication love comunicação amorosa myth semiótica e literatura semiótica da cultura semiotic of the culture alencar, josé de, 1829-1877 - iracema - crítica e interpretação comunicacao death amor morte

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