Processos formativos de professores dos anos iniciais do ensino fundamental




Teaching in Brazil has gone through several and different historical moments, sometimes with peculiarities that were specific of a given period, which, in the present dissertation, are described with the purpose of investigating how the teaching knowledge is constructed. This work aims at investigating how the students starting the Pedagogy course in a Higher Education Institution make explicit their choice for teachership in the initial grades. With this purpose, a historical overview is initially presented. The methodology was the application of a questionnaire in order to know the expectations and the formative process of the subjects, which resulted in data that were analyzed in the light of the effectual literature, seeking to identify the types of variables that the participants claim to have influenced their professional option. The survey was executed in a high education institution, with the participation of 65 subjects studying in the first semester of the Pedagogy course, in two stages. The professional formation and the teaching knowledge, the methodology and the results are the sections that constitute this analytical-descriptive study. By way of final considerations, the work revealed that the future teachers do not hold much clear the reasons for their course choice or that the outpointed aspects do not exactly constitute reasons associated to a professional conception. It has also shown that such choices result from several variables, many of which are external to the environment.


formação de professores ensino fundamental basic education docência teachers formation teaching saberes docentes educacao teaching knowledge

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