Processo e produto: avaliação do desempenho da habitação em empreendimentos do Programa de Arrendamento Residencial em Belo Horizonte, MG / Process and product: evaluation of housing performance in enterprise of Residential Lease Program in Belo Horizonte, MG




This research is about the evaluation of housing performance in enterprise of Residential Lease Program in Belo Horizonte, MG, to check the relationship between the processes of development of the program with the housing quality. To reach out the general objective of this research, we have as specific objectives: 1) To analyze the process of provision of housing of Residential Lease Program in housing enterprises in Belo Horizonte trying to identify the role of various actors, their actions and relationships, and problems and difficulties encountered during the process; 2) To value the quality of buildings of the housing enterprise used as case study using the evaluation after its occupancy; and 3) To identify the process factors which interfere in the final product quality, that is, the housing. The methodology used was divided into two phases, A and B. Phase A consists of analyzing the process. Phase B consists of evaluating the product. In the phase A was used an analytical tool developed by Healey and Barrett (1990), which is based on the concept of “structure and agency” and on Werna (2001).The phase B was developed from several methods, techniques and procedures which incorporate the evaluation after occupancy. The phase B was divided into B1, which was carried out the evaluation after occupancy considering the users’ point of view, and the phase B2, that deals with the technique of evaluation after occupancy. The main results found were the identification of sixteen agents that act on thirteen stages of the Residential Lease Program. Seven of them were considered principal, due to its high level of participation in the process. Nine of them were called externals to the process. Then, the characterization of the agents called principals was begun. Were studied their attributions, participations and relationships. Besides, were verified the quality of the housing. It was found out that the aspects which compromise most the user satisfaction in relation to the housing development were related to early stages in which happen the land choice, project’s development, the building of the enterpriser and monitoring construction. The agents who have much responsibility on these activities are Management of Support to Urban Development, the builder, the designer and suppliers of building materials and labors. These aspects are adapted for use by disabled people, leisure, security against unknown people, noise, terrace, besides finish and building quality. Other factor is related to characteristics of enterprise introduction such as location and proximity to the provision of services like health centers, schools and leisure area. The information achieved points out to the importance of this work to improve the Residential Lease Program and, consequently, the quality of housing.


processo produto desempenho habitação par engenharia civil process product performance housing par

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