Princípios da hotelaria aplicados às organizações de saúde: um estudo de caso em dois hospitais de Santa Catarina




In the tourism services sector, hospitality offered to visitors, through means of accommodation, is a factor of fundamental importance for attracting and retaining tourists to a locality, by providing comfort, safety, and a feeling of well-being for the client. Just as in hotels, the principles of hospitality can also be used to offer a better quality service and satisfaction to patients in the hospital environment. In a hotel, all the services are focused on the client, and the same is also true of a hospital. Thus, the hotel-hospital is a new concept which emerges from the search for excellence in the provision of services, with the aim of offering a hospital environment that is closer to a hotel structure. To investigate how hospitals are integrated with hotel services and their activities, and in view of the lack of scientific studies on the hotel-hospital industry in general, particularly in Santa Catarina, this study seeks to determine how hotel services are presented in the health institutions of the State, and the level of client satisfaction with these services. Based on this question, the general objective is to analyze the services offered in hospitals in the Greater Florianópolis area and in the South of the State, from the perspective of the hotel industry. More specifically, this study seeks to determine the services offered by the hospital establishments investigated, in terms of their physical structure, the operationalization of their activities and the quality of services. It compares the services offered with the principles of hospitality, evaluating the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of the services offered, and suggesting actions that will enable the development of the hotel-hospital industry, according to the general principles of hospitality. To achieve these objectives, a multiple case study of an exploratory-descriptive nature was carried out, through quali-quantitative research, using the techniques of document analysis, direct observation, interviews with the managers, and a satisfaction survey with a sample of clients. The results show that the hotel services offered in the two hospitals studied present differences in physical structure, operationalization of their activities, and standardization of services; that both companies are still far from the principles of the hotel-hospital industry; and that although the satisfaction survey presented high averages, it also revealed significant variations in the responses, as shown by high standard deviations. Based on these results, some actions were suggested that will enable hospital hotel services in the health establishments to be improved, enabling these services to be turned into competitive advantages for these organizations


hospitalidade hospital turismo hospitality hotel industry hospital hotelaria

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