Primeira experiência institucional de gestão democrática da educação no Distrito Federal - 1985/1986




The general objective of this dissertation is to characterize and analyze the implementation process of the First Institutional Experience of Democratic Management, which was conducted on the Public Educational System in the Brazilian Federal District between 1985 and 1986. The study is part of researches on Public Policies and Educational Management, from University of Brasílias Pos-Graduation Program, in connection with the sector that investigates and analyzes the participation of the different segments involved on the schooling process. The points which directed the research, prioritizing a qualitative approach, enabled the scrutiny of the period in question and its occurrences inside the Educational System of the Brazilian Federal District. It arose through a systemic investigation of the empiric data collected from regulatory documents of the democratic management experience and through interviews with participants in such process, who were, at the time, associated to: the central administration of the D.F. General Office of Education; the Educational Foundation; schools management; D.F. Teachers Unions presidency; and other educational functions and positions. The empiric data was systematically analyzed and classified in three categories which were defined based on their incidence in both the revised documents and the testimony of the interviewed subjects; as well as on their capacity of agglomerating relevant information. These categories are: the conception of education; the influence of the Union movement and political parties; and the democratization of the educational management. The study made evident that the implementation of the first institutional experience of democratic management in the Brazilian Federal District was part of a broader participative process of changes in the public educational system, which included the adoption of a new pedagogic proposition for the public arena. This new approach has surpassed existing links to the Technical Approach (Abordagem Tecnicista) through the embracing of concepts associated to the Critical-Social Theory of Contents (Teoria Crítico Social dos Conteúdos). It also points towards the relevance of this period to the conquest of the succeeding participative processes.


educação e estado educação - distrito federal educacao

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