Prevalence and clinical aspects of type 1 diabetes mellitus and celiac disease association / Prevalencia e aspectos clinicos da associação entre diabetes mellitus tipo 1 e doença celiaca




Justify: There were four decades that the association between Diabetes Mellitus type 1 (DM1) and celiac disease is known. However, the manifestation of celiac disease in diabetic patients is predominantly atypical, what difficult its diagnosis and the recognition of possible effect of this association in the control of diabetes. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of DM1 and celiac disease association and to verify the existence of celiac disease symptoms, the occurrence of other autoimmune diseases among the patients and their first-degree relatives and the possible influences of celiac disease in diabetes control. Patients and methods: It was done a cross-sectional study with 195 patients that ansewered a questionnaire about gastrintestinal symptoms and the occurrence of autoimmune diseases in theirs first-degree relatives. IgA was measured and antiendomysial antibody (EMA) screened. The patients with positive EMA were submitted to intestinal biopsy. Those with celiac disease confirmed by biopsy (case group) were paired with DM1 patients without celiac disease (control group) according to age at the screening, time of diabetes duration and gender. Results: EMA was positive in nine patients. In seven of them the biopsy confirmed celiac disease (4.0%). Comparing the cases with controls, the gastrointestinal symptoms were significantly more frequent in the first group and there was no difference between the groups regarding to the control of diabetes. Conclusions: The prevalence found was 4.0%. This sample of celiac patients showed a predominance of gastrointestinal symptoms and the celiac disease did not influence the diabetes control.


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