Pressupostos para a educação turística em municípios: uma alternativa para o planejamento do turismo como base local no município de Bituruna, PR




This study analyzes the structure of the education system in the municipal district of Bituruna in the State of Paraná, seeking to develop a basis for tourism education in the municipal districts with potential in this sector. The methodological procedures used consisted initially of a pedagogical workshop, to enable teachers of Basic Education working with 1st to 4th grades to understand what tourism is, its motivations and modalities; the teachers learned about and discussed the tourism inventory in the municipal districts, and its tourism attractions; they also reflected on the importance of tourism for the economic development and job generation in the municipal district, and defined a proposal for inserting tourism education in schools, based on the tourism inventory of Bituruna-PR. This study also analyzes, through secondary sources, the curricular structure in the municipal district, and the theoretical premises and objectives of Basic Education. The procedures enabled the construction of premises for municipal tourism education to be outlined, as a strategic alternative for the planning and development of tourism in the town. Based on this perspective, the public tourism policies were examined, focusing specifically on the municipal district. As a result, it was observed that basic education teachers are indispensable for preserving the natural, historical and cultural resources of the municipal district. Thus, it was possible to suggest premises for tourism education in municipalities with potential, as a strategic alternative for the planning and development of local tourism. In addition to educators of basic education, tourism education programs can also be developed for the local community, as it is necessary for everyone to be educated, in order to raise awareness of the importance of tourism in the economic development of municipal districts with tourism potential. Analyzing the above-mentioned issues, the purpose of the work can be considered as achieved by means of two perspectives: the first presents an opportunity, promoting awareness among municipal education managers who recognize that tourism education favours tourism increase. The second defends that in the current scenario education has an essential role in raising awareness among the citizens and social players involved in the process


tourism public guidelines and policies diretrizes e políticas públicas municipais turismo tourism education educação turística planejamento turístico turismo tourism planning

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