Preparation and characterization of ramie-glass fiber reinforced polymer matrix hybrid composites


Materials Research




The use of ramie fibers as reinforcement in hybrid composites is justified considering their satisfactory mechanical properties if compared with other natural fibers. This study aims to verify changes in chemical composition and thermal stability of the ramie fibers after washing with distilled water. One additional goal is to study glass fiber and washed ramie fiber composites focusing on the effect of varying both the fiber length (25, 35, 45 and 55 mm) and the fiber composition. The overall fiber loading was maintained constant (21 vol.%). Based on the results obtained, the washed ramie fiber may be considered as an alternative for the production of these composites. The higher flexural strength presented being observed for 45 mm fiber length composite, although this difference is not significant for lower glass fiber volume fractions: (0:100) and (25:75). Also, by increasing the relative volume fraction of glass fiber until an upper limit of 75%, higher flexural and impact properties were obtained.

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