Prazer no trabalho: um estudo comparativo entre músicos profissionais e policiais militares




Working, for some people, may mean being stressed, tired or hurt. For others, though, it may mean life. The fact is that, positively or negatively, since its beginning, work has played an important role in everyone¿s life. The history of men is the story of the evolution of their work. It was through their work, that men constituted themselves. Therefore, it seems relevant to look further into this subject. The aim of this study is to find out what causes pleasure at work. In order to achieve this answer, two kinds of workers were chosen: musicians and policemen. Using bibliographic and field research, the method of content analysis and the making of drawings, it was proved both of them have pleasure while working, which is felt by realizing the nature of the work. We found five ways that make it possible to have pleasure working. The first is looking at work as providing a feeling of accomplishment; the second, as survival; the third, as a contribution to society; the fourth, as a hobby or leisure; and the last, as a personal challenging.


satisfação no trabalho

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