PrÃticas funerÃrias e cultura material nos SertÃes da ParaÃba : a necrÃpole sÃtio Pinturas I, em SÃo JoÃo do Tigre




The history shows us that the area was inhabited since the period of posthuman contact by the group that was called Cariri. On the assumption that we can study and learn about the life of a human group through the death of their individuals, present as the main objective of this research to study the structures of the funeral site Pinturas I, trying to identify the group or groups that occupied this site have the same characteristics described in the historiography of the period of contact. The work aims to examine the possible funerary practices of human groups in the SertÃes of ParaÃba, taking as a case study of the necropolis Pinturas I site in SÃo JoÃo do Tigre. SÃo JoÃo do Tigre, in the microregion of Cariri West of ParaÃba. The region is dominated by Caatinga biome and around the site Pinturas I have been several sites with the same characteristics geoenvironmental and cultural, suggesting a pattern of choice by the ancient inhabitants of the region. The methodology is based on two distinct stages: Historiographic survey data about the issues addressed, such as death, funeral practices and material culture, and archaeological site survey Paintings I, to highlight the archaeological material. Overall, the data obtained in the excavation were unsatisfactory, in view of the high degree of anthropic Site. Still, it was found that the pictures in the cave shelter not have connections with the individuals buried there, and it is relatively recent burial, with datings obtained by the method absolute TL, which shows the bodies are buried in the subsequent period the contact, suggesting, possibly, it is Cariris individuals belonging to Indians. The high degree of anthropic finally able to disable some tests measure the cultural profile of the human group, however, within our possibilities and limitations, we survey the emerging modus vivendi that group through the material culture recovered in archaeological excavation, leading us to know their characteristics and performance in the SertÃes of ParaÃba


arqueologia indians cariris necrÃpole arqueologia necropolis indigenous pinturas i site sÃtio pinturas morte sertÃes Ãndios cariris restos humanos (arqueologia) - paraÃba

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