Práticas de gerenciamento de projetos de escopo e tempo nas perspectivas das abordagens ágil e tradicional / Scope and time practices for project management in the perspective of agile and traditional approaches


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The theory of project management (PM) has been target of propositions new approaches such as agile project management (APM), resulting in practices, techniques and tools, still little identified and characterized as their use. There aren\ t precise definitions and instruments which can distinguish the use of problems such as lack of identification classifications and the observable characteristics. This reduces quality research in the area. Aiming to fill this gap, we describe the management practices of existing projects, classifying them in terms of project management approach applied (traditional and agile), to allow the identification of the approach used by an organization. It was restricted the problem to the scope and time themes because of significant size of theory. For this reason, employed the methods of systematic literature review and study multicase companies incorporated in the type of excellence in project management. We analyzed two companies that take the traditional approach and adopt agile respectively. The result shows the list of practices identified in the literature and a reference-type inventory, enabling the identification of actual companies and practices in their categorization on the approach used. The analysis of the practices employed also made it possible to identify the essential characteristics that distinguish the two approaches: project plan in two stages, use of metaphors for the challenges and define the scope, the lack of sequencing activities; detailed schedule at intervals pre-established (iteration); tracking progress from concrete results, scope control with periodic prioritization by the client. This result contributes to the studies on the subject. The proposed inventory and the results allow researchers to assess the agile project management more consistently, improving research in the area.


agile project management ferramentas gerenciamento ágil de projetos gerenciamento de projetos practices práticas project management techniques técnicas tools

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