Power and Religious Experience: a Hhistory of a Pentecostal Schism in the Brazilian Baptist Convention in the Decade of 60s / PODER E EXPERIÊNCIA RELIGIOSA: UMA HISTÓRIA DE UM CISMA PENTECOSTAL NA CONVENÇÃO BATISTA BRASILEIRA NA DÉCADA DE 1960




This dissertation is the result of a search about a Pentecostal schism in the Brazilian Baptist Convention, in the decade of 1960. The center of interest of the conflict is a Spiritual Renewal Movement, which defended an experience of religious ecstasy, called baptism with the Holy Spirit, as confirmation of the relationship of the believer with God. The gradual adhesion of Baptists communities to such proposal transformed it into an alternative web of power that caused instability in the relations of power within the Baptist denomination in Brazil. The research reconstructs the shocks of this crucial episode and offered an interpretation from the theories of Michel Foucault and Michel de Certeau, trying to decipher the institutional mechanisms of control in battles with the tactics of the web of power. In the historical context of Brazilian effervescence not only religious, the mechanisms of surveillance of Brazilian Baptist Convention have proved inadequate for maintaining the unity threatened, since the opposing groups were punished with the exclusion.(AU)


convenção batista brasileira brazilian baptist convention pentecostal schism experiência religiosa baptism in the holy spirit religious experience ciencias humanas cisma pentecostal web of power vigilância surveillance redes de poder batismo no espírito santo

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