Políticas públicas para o turismo e suas implicações no ordenamento territorial de Bonito, MS




Since 1990s, Bonitos town, located ate Southwest of Mato Grosso do Sul state, starts to receive a considerable number of tourists, attracted by the natural resources, like calcarian caves, waterfalls and transparent rivers. The local economy, before based on cattle raising, agriculture and mineral extraction, try to adapt to a new activity in expansion, the tourism. When the tourists arrived, many residences are transformed in hotels and Inns, agencies of travel are opened, investor of hostelry sector applying your capital in this place, as well pubs and restaurants, souvenirs stores are instilled to answer the new exigencies of tourist trade. In this context of intense growing, is analysed the function of State, like regulator and promoter to the economy, though public politicians for the sector. Besides the State, in the management of Bonitos tourism, the representatively of social organisations, shown the power of private initiative on local society. This work intent to analyse repercussion of national, estate and municipal public politicians, for the tourism in Bonito, intending discuss social and spatial impacts, from 1990s, situating limits and possibilities of this in the town, which starts to attribute important position for the tourism, like one of the priorities sectors in the local economy and public actions. Through interviews and research, was possible identify real transformations happened in this town, because of tourism increment, where a new space configuration can be realised.


turismo espaço turístico tourism políticas públicas social organisation geografia touristic space organização social public politician

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