Políticas públicas, desenvolvimento e transporte urbano: um estudo crítico sobre os planos de implantação e expansão do Metrô-RJ




The current dissertation focus the functions of the means of transportation as important elements in the urban space production and or ganization, adopting the Rio de Janeiros subway system as subject. Then, the main objective of this dissertation consists in the analysis of the actual Rio de Janeiros subway network and the present expansion plans in relationship with the urban planningcriterions in the conception of those subways lines and considering the metropolis urban organization factors which conditioned the elaboration of those projects. First, the accomplishment of the study in course about the Rio de Janeiros subway network is justified as the implementation of this mean of transportation resulted in deep modifications in the Rio de Janeiro metropolis urban space, changing the functions of the pre-existents localities, as well as interfering straightly in the land worth. In spite of that, the urban transport plans are primordials in the citys reorganization in view of the new demands created by the Capitalism actually. Beyond that, the relevance of this dissertation is shown in the fact of the Rio de Janeiros urban transportation problematic has been drastically aggravated, considering that, since the 1950s, the development of the local politics has been guided to built streets infrastructure in favor of the automobile transportation in detriment of public transportations. In other hand, in last few years, the subway networks expansion plans are over again in vogue in carioca society, not only because the problems with the local means of transportation are getting worse, but, mostly, take into account the Pan American Games 2007 and the futures attempts of Rio de Janeiros bid to hold The Olympic Games, which demand major investments in local urban infrastructure.


subway planejamento urbano public politics sistema de transportes urbanos development metrô-rj políticas públicas geociencias urban planning desenvolvimento

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