Polishing Knowledge: A Study of Marble and Granite Processing


BAR, Braz. Adm. Rev.




The aim of this article is to understand the work situations and highlight aspects of the knowledge invested by workers when performing marble and granite processing activities. The survey is qualitative and was based on the reality of a small industrial company that deals with processing activities. The case study was based on theoretical and analytical ergology tools by analyzing the organizational documents and safety and health standards that regulate activity. It involved conducting individual interviews with nine workers, organizing a focus group with these workers, and directly observing work for four months while recording a field notebook. The workers’ experiences in the renormalization of working processes, or the introduction of improvements guided by singular aspects of the local work organization, were identified. The workers, through use of oneself, place more importance on meeting deadlines and production targets than on their own safety. Worker competency is directly related to the professional training obtained on the job and is associated with working experience in the absence of an a priori formal education. This article contributes to the field of organizational studies and human resource management because there is a lack of studies on workers from this field that describe the competencies used in actual work. Thus it may guide theoretical and practical management aspects in such working environments and small businesses regarding safer work organization.

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