Plum tree organic cultivation in Delfim Moreira MG / Cultivo orgÃnico de ameixeiras em Delfim Moreira - MG




In front of this big population conscience movement about the organic products benefits, the demand these certificate products is increasing. However, the offer hasnât accompanied the market demand, originating, this way, good opportunities for the organic production development, mainly fruits, that are in incipient period in Brazil. The present work was realized with the objective to evaluate the five plum tree cultivators more cultivated in the conventional system, in the Delfim Moreira region, in organic cultivation, intending to validate alternative practices in the orchard management in local conditions. Then, it was evaluated the vegetative development of five plum tree cultivators: Gulfblaze, Irati, Reubinnel, Santa Rita and Leticia in Delfim Moreira, MG. It was evaluated the top of the tree volume, the transversal section and the fenology, for all the varieties and it was observed a compatible development with another evaluation works about the plum tree conventional cultivation in other Brazil regions. Aiming to define management practices more adapted to plum tree organic cultivation in local conditions, it was evaluated weekly the fruit transversal diameter for the cultivators Gulfblaze, Irati and Reubinnel, defining this way the plum tree fruit growth curve. The cultivators Santa Rita and Leticia didnât enter naturally in the production, probably because of the lack of hibernal cold. The productive cultivators Gulblaze, Irati and Reubinnel presented an average productivity of 5,0; 6,2 and 10,5 tons/ha, respectively, demonstrating good cultivation possibilities. In the edafoclimates conditions studied the three productive cultivators had its crops anticipated in relation to other cultivation local. The fruit growth curve presented a similar behavior to the observed for the peach tree, allowing the necessity indication of practices, as the green pruning, also for the plum tree cultivation.


plum ameixa fruticultura orgÃnica fitotecnia prunus salicina mantiqueira organic fruit mantiqueira prunus salicina

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